One thought on “Karen Gaffney, Making a Case for Down Syndrome

  1. Thank you so much. I had only heard one comment about sich a horrible truth. I guess i wanted to think it wasn’t true. My daughter is so precious to me. As an individual as a part of me a gift from God and yes she also has an extra chromosome. I found out during my pregnancy and i think i would have freaked out if they would have said something like termination as an option. As it was i almost lost my life giving birth in my last two pregnancys. I would give my life for her. But as great as our God is he has allowed me to be her with my children. And i dont take advantage of this. I may worry more and not understand everything along the way. But i will find the answers with her and help her to be the very best she can be. In and through every phase of development. Thank you again i now will pray and ask God what part if i can help save life. And share your message i will.
    Thank you so much

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